Stop Hog Factories in Polk County

We Need You for 3 Minutes!

Foreign-owned hog industry giants want to set up shop in Polk County. Instead of protecting public health and property values, County Supervisors Brad Olson and Chris Nelson have crafted an ordinance that rolls out the red carpet for ho factory farm developers.

Take a quick break from summer and tell Olson and Nelson that Polk County doesn’t need factories with 25,000 hogs. You have two ways to do it:

By July 7 – Email written comments to: jason.kjeseth@co.polk.wi.us

July 8 – Testify for three minutes to the Environment Services Committee at County Government Center at 10 am

Unfortunately, Polk County will not accept video comments electronically about the Olson/Nelson hog factory amendment.

Here are examples of the many problems with the Olson/Nelson hog ordinance:

  1. Communities with agricultural zoning or no county zoning are targeted for hog factory development. 

2. Hog factories built in county-zoned agricultural zones can house an infinite number of hogs and their waste just 200 feet from the neighbors.

3. Factories built in towns where there is no zoning have no county regulation at all.

4. No one in Polk County is protected from millions of pounds of hydrogen sulfide and ammonia air pollution that travels for miles.

5. Thousands of composted corpses and placentas don’t even have to be 200 feet from neighbors.

6. No performance bonds are required. That means taxpayers (you and me) will have to pay to clean up polluted water.

7. Application fees are limited to $1,000 even though it will cost county taxpayers many thousands to permit these factories.

Click here to see Polk County’s official ordinance announcement. Click here to see just the proposed ordinance.

While Polk County can’t ban these huge hog factories we can pass an ordinance to protect our public health and property values. Bayfield County did it successfully in 2015. That ordinance is a great model of what Polk County could do.

Olson and Nelson are limiting public comments over the July 4th holiday so they can check all the boxes and wrap Polk County up in a ribbon for big ag.

They are hoping you are too busy celebrating independence to protect your family and property. Take 3 minutes to prove them wrong!

Wan Long, right, Chairman and CEO of WH Group, formerly called Shuanghui International, shakes hands with Charles Larry Pope, President and CEO of Smithfield Foods, at a press conference of WH Group in Hong Kong, China, 14 April 2014.

Why are they building these hog factories?

Hogs raised in factories planned for Polk County will go to a giant processing plant in Sioux Falls, South Dakota run by under the Smithfield Foods name and owned by a Chinese billionaire named Wan Long.

In fact, it is highly likely that Wan Long will also own the thousands of sows in the plants as “operators” turn out millions of pigs a year.

Wan Long is famous with the global billionaire set. In 2017, he made more money than Mark Zuckerburg or Elon Musk!

In 2017 Wan Long made $291 million dollars!

Pork exports to China tripled during April even while Smithfield warned of possible shortages in America. Tell Olson and Nelson we don’t want our kitchens filled with stinky hydrogen sulfide and ammonia air pollution so Wan Long can make another 1/4 billion dollars next year.

Call Your County Supervisor

Call them up a tell your supervisor to turn down the Olson/Nelson ordinance.

Click here to see a map of supervisor districts.

Click here to get contact info for your supervisor.

Need Help Doing Your Video Comment?

Drop me a line and we can help you make a short video telling the Polk County Board why you oppose the Olson/Nelson ordinance.


Polk County Road I – looking north into stunning Eureka Valley.
North Carolina Livestock Factory.